Road Trip Thoughts

Driving a long road trip creates opportunity for one to think about the news, the choice of music, the weather, fast food options and other drivers. It is with another 500 miles of road experience that I am now thoroughly

Quips on Congress

Our current state of unhappiness with Congress is not a new phenomenon. Here are a few examples sent to me by a friend. Quips On Congress “In my many years, I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is

Talking Dog Story

The following “talking dog” story was sent to me recently and after reading it, I laughed and thought “how relevant to today’s economy.” I don’t know who the story’s author is but I congratulate you. My version is paraphrased and

Statement from Bureau of Economic Analysis

It is curious that the Bureau of Economic Analysis made the following statement “…Real consumer spending was also unchanged, in line with private-sector expectations.” Is the “consumer spending” a self fulfilling prophey tied to the “expectations” or a bonefied sampling

While on a Run

by Leslie Rubin. As published in the March/April 2010 issue of Trade & Industry Development. Download article. On one particularly hot and muggy summer morning, I began a daily run while thinking about conversations that had taken place over the

An Economic Vision

The economy will not be completely repaired if politicians and leaders ignore the need of people to believe in tomorrow. The vision that is put forth must be one that is unobstructed by political polarizations. It’s not that a political

Wine, Business Women and an Economic Recovery Perspective

As published in the January/February 2011 issue of Trade & Industry Development. Download article. It is always a challenge to look into the illusive crystal ball and accurately predict what will happen a year from now or even six months given

Realizing Economic Incentive Benefits

by Amanda Pinkston and Leslie R. Rubin, Ph.D. Most companies put economic incentive monitoring on the back burner following receipt of incentive commitments. As a result, the required compliance goes unattended. Actively managing incentives minimizes surprises and enables realization of

Rubin Advisors Helps Slay Industries Secure $7.0 million

Governor Quinn Announces $8 Million for River Edge Redevelopment Zone in East St. Louis Funding Will Help Clean Up Former Industrial Sites, Clear Way to Build Port That Will Create 1,200 Jobs Governor Pat Quinn today announced $8 million to

The Essential Individual in Building a Sustainable Economy

by Leslie Rubin and Sarah Rubin. As published in the March/April 2010 issue of Trade & Industry Development. Download article. People have been hammered over the past 12 months with articles, stories and pictures of an economy that is dysfunctional