East Coast Distribution Center


A large retailer needed to expand its east coast distribution operation. Given the project timeline, only existing facilities were given consideration. Four states were included in the site search: New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. A windshield tour was conducted to review 37 potential candidates. Three sites (two in Pennsylvania and one in West Virginia) were selected for an indepth evaluation and incentive negotiations. Several factors were important in the company’s analysis. These included; a large workforce to draw upon, a favorable tax structure, interstate and airport access, a modern and secure site. The project was projected to result in the creation of 151 fulltime employees and an investment exceeding $12 million.


Site finalist incentive offers ranged from $626,100 to $2,675,448. The finalist site selected for the project was a newly constructed facility in Pennsylvania.

Funding Source Infrastructure Grant
State of Pennsylvania Job creation tax credits: $453,000

PA First Grant: $375,000

Training Grant: $67,950

Local Community Local Community Real property tax abatement: 10 years

Matching discretionary grant: $200,000

Our Outcomes