New Concrete Plant Site


An autoclaved aerated concrete manufacturer needed to identify a site for its plant. Two locations in Indiana, one in West Virginia and a closed autoclave aerated concrete plant in Central Florida were evaluated. Infrastructure requirements included rail service, access to interstate highways, and a local supply of coal ash. Incentive offers from all three states were assessed.

The total company investment was projected to be $20 million. An employment of 64 with a total payroll of $2.7 million was expected by completion of the project.


All three states provided incentive packages. The largest incentive offer provided by West Virginia exceeded $12 million, followed by Florida at $4.5 million and Indiana at $2.5 million.

Due diligence on the Central Florida site identified a lack of rail and other deficiencies. The Florida site however, had the advantage of an existing facility and an available skilled workforce. The benefits associated with the acquisition of the facility coupled with the local and state incentive offers, made the Florida opportunity the preferred option. The State and City agreed to build a 2.5-mile rail spur for the plant. Unique to this project was an agreement to delay annexation of the facility into the City until completion of the rail spur occurred.

Our Outcomes