Rubin Advisors by the Numbers

At Rubin Advisors, we like to periodically review our performance and reflect on past projects. Here is a snapshot of the last 18-months: 13: Total number of projects. 3: Number of clients for whom at least three previous incentive projects have been

CertainTeed Roofing Opens State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility


As an exciting update to our April post about CertainTeed Roofing‘s site selection, today the company commemorated the opening of a new state-of-the-art 60,000 square-foot asphalt shingle manufacturing facility, located 60 miles west of St. Louis in Jonesburg, Missouri. Rubin Advisors was

Managing Economic Development Incentives across Multiple Sites

by Leslie R. Rubin, Ph.D. There are many published articles describing the triage needed to identify the ideal site for a company. It is also apparent that conducting a simple Google search will yield a large number of articles on

Realizing Economic Incentive Benefits

by Amanda Pinkston and Leslie R. Rubin, Ph.D. Most companies put economic incentive monitoring on the back burner following receipt of incentive commitments. As a result, the required compliance goes unattended. Actively managing incentives minimizes surprises and enables realization of

Impacting the Bottom Line with Economic Incentives

By Leslie R. Rubin and Sarah E. Rubin Republished with permission from Trade & Industry Development. Download article. There is a bumper sticker that says, “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.” Frankly, many economists and government officials are hoping

Salvaging Incentives: Opening Communications Can Reduce Problems

by Leslie R. Rubin, Ph.D. Incentive packages are awarded because government believes a recipient company’s contribution to the community will exceed the value of incentives awarded. In this way, governments often influence site location decisions. The agreement between the public/private

Employee Wages: How Much Impact Do Employee Wages Have On Economic Incentives?

by Leslie R. Rubin, Ph.D. This article originally appeared in Taking Stock. Winter 2000/2001: p. 64-65 Wages are one of the three major factors that will influence the economic assistance package. The other two, number of jobs crated and/or retained

Evaluating Economic Incentives For Growing Industrial Companies

by Leslie R. Rubin, Ph.D. This article originally appeared in Taking Stock, 3/2000: p. 61. When seeking economic incentive assistance, all companies need to consider the timing of their expansion, their growth plan and their relationship with government. Manufacturers, warehousing,

Synchronizing Economic Incentives with Business Growth

by Leslie R. Rubin, Ph.D. This article originally appeared in Taking Stock. 2/2000 p.45 Technology Companies Many technology companies have come to realize there is a real bottom line benefit to be gained by pursuing grants, tax savings and what we refer